The Second Approach

The Second Approach project's origin is Russian culture, if we mean Fyodor Dostoevsky, Sergei Prokofiev, Marc Chagall and Slavic songs. Their style of improvised music was definitely and unmistakably born in Russia.

 What the band performs seems to go beyond standard definitions. It provokes controversy, interest and liking. The leader of the trio is an experienced composer, master of piano improvisation, Andrei Razin A unique singer, member of well-known Gypsy band "Romen", Tatyana Komova, and one of the key acoustic bass players in Russia, Igor Ivanushkin, complete the band. The musical arsenal of the Second Approach combines elements of ethno music, modern creative jazz and contemporary classical music.

The ideas of The Second Approach lie in the area of pan-European spirit of the 21st century, enriched by Russian traditions. That is why the idea of co-work with the trio attracted so many high class musicians, from the French horn of the great Arkady Shilkloper's, sax-player Oleg Kireyev tosaxophonists Mike Ellis, of New York, Yuri Yaremchuk of Western Ukraine, drummer Klaus Kugel of Germany, and trombonist Roswell Rudd of USA.

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