Italian Quintet Penta Brass

All five participants of this wind ensemble hold positions in the royal theater of Torino, Italy. But in their off time, they play in the original wind ensemble – “Penta Brass”. 

“PentaBrass” is a traditional wind ensemble: two horns, frenchhorn, trombone and tuba. But the arrangements, orchestrations and performances of Ivan Buat, Marco Rigoletti, Ugo Favoro, Vensana Lepapa and Rudi Kolusso in this case are undoubtedly original and creative. “PentaBrass” takes on the challenge to play compositions that are very challenging and are not traditionally performed by brass ensembles. This opens new horizons and possibilities on the way people view brass instruments.

Pentabrass quintet has been nominated for a grammy in 2006 nomination " Best synthesis of classical music and Jazz" with the album " Fred Mills and the Pentabrass quintet" , recorded together with Fred Mills.

The first tour of the quintet in Moscow took place in November 2007 in Puskin museum, with the repertoire ranging from Bach to Gershwin.

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