Cameron Carpenter

Cameron Carpenter  (Organis, USA)

 For Cameron - organ is a different world, in which he can express and master his creative abilities as performer, composer and an organ engineer.

 In 2009 he became the first organist, to be nominated for a GRAMMY in the classical music " For best solo performance without an accompaniment".

 Cameron has also created a virtually-acoustic organ, which is revolutionary in the field of organ music.

This unique and one and only organ, offers new musical possibilities for the musicians.

 Cameron doesn’t only perform music of organ genre, but also creates very skillful arrangements of musical compositions from other genres for his beloved organ. It is very interesting to hear organ performances of Liszt, 5th symphony Of Mahler, Chopin etudes (last two are performed on foot-keyboard).

 Cameron’s repertoire includes:  piano and organ music, his own compositions, movie music (Japanese anime), folk style improvisations, jazz, soul and disco music.

 In 2009 Cameron Carpenter had a huge success – 13 encores in Tchaikovsky Hall (Moscow) and Glinka Academic Capella Hall (Saint-Petersburg).  “Kommersant” newspaper named Cameron - the “Horowitz of Organ” .

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