Imperial Russian Ballet

The idea of creation of «Imperial Russian Ballet» was born 13 years ago during carrying out in Japan Maji Plisetskaya's anniversary concerts which brilliant program has been prepared by Gediminas Taranda.
The name of collective is a kind of gratitude of the Imperial Family who made a great contribution to the development of the Russian culture including the creation of the Bolshoi and Mariinsky Theatres, where was born and grown up the glory of Russian ballet.
To admirers of ballet activity of this collective is devoted to emperors of a stage, the lords of hearts. Moreover Russian ballet has won love and recognition of the whole world. During all years this collective collaborates with extra-class level coachs and choreographers. Nowadays this post is borrowed with the national actress of Russia, the winner of the State premium - Galina Shljapina, who is capable to inspire by her own experience and talent the dance of the young ballerinas and dancers.
The head of collective - Gediminas Taranda - not only an outstanding dancer, his pedagogical activity can be named a calling and special talent. World famous dancers and stars of ballet cooperate with "Imperial Russian Ballet" among them are Maya Plissetskaya, Patrick Dupond (Opera de Paris, France), Farukh Ruzimatov, Julia Mahalina and Diana Vishneva (Mariinsky Theatre), Nikolay Tsiskaridze, Liudmila Semenyaka and Nadezhda Pavlova, Svetlana Zaharova and Denis Matvienko (Bolshoi Theatre), Vladimir Malakhov and Julia Kent (American Ballet Theatre), Tamiyo Kusakari (Japan) and others...
It is unique private ballet which, despite of all complexities, has survived in hard conditions of the reorganization period and for this time has got popularity, glory and own audience, not only in Russia, but also in different countries all over the world.
Thirteen years of existence of this collective have been filled by intensive painstaking work, searching of creations, innovations and the deserved victories as a result. The audience of Spain, Austria, Japan, Finland, Portugal, Brazil, Uruguay, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Canada, Israel, China, Greece, Slovenia, Republic of Croatia, the USA, Lebanon, Cyprus, Dubai, Malta, New Zealand, Tunis, Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan have already seen this outstanding collective "Imperial Russian Ballet"
"Imperial Russian Ballet" in 2002 became the organizer of the "First Moscow International Ballet Festival "Grand Pas", where Gediminas Taranda was a President.
Collective constantly is invited to well-known festivals and popular gala performances. For last years "Imperial Russian Ballet" participated in "Dream II" - gala (Japan, 1998). In Lithuania this ballet was an organizer and participant in "Trakajsky music and dance Festival" (1999, 2001, 2002), "Millennium" - tour, USA - gala (1998-2000), Festival Sodetskisa (Lithuania 2000, 2001, 2002), Istria - festival of dance Croatia, the Poola (2003 - 2010), Festival of arts, France, island Martinique (2003), Festival, "Orkhidskoe summer" (Macedonia 2006), gala concert - Peking, China (2004 - 2010). In 2005 "Imperial Russian Ballet" has been chosen for participation in the gala performances devoted to opening of the Thai airlines. Performances have passed in Thailand and Singapore. The broadcasting company "CNN" specially for this action has removed a clip about Moscow with participation of "Imperial Russian Ballet" which within three months was broadcasted in the Asian region.
In 2006, 9th and 10 of December in cities of the Poola and Rijeka (Croatia) "Imperial Russian Ballet " made a charity performance due to the action held on by the Association "League of struggle against a cancer".
In 2008, in the city of St.-Petersburg participated in the charitable action of fund «Present a life».
In 2009, Gediminas Taranda has put a premiere of performance «Swan lake» on water together with synchronous swimming, in Olympic pool «Water Cube» Beijing.
In 2010 in Olympic stadium of Moscow, has taken place grandiose presentation of new model BMW of 5 series which director was Gediminas Taranda and «Imperial Russian Ballet».
The 15 years history is connected with annual festival in Mikkeli (Finland) where have passed many premier performances of "Imperial Russian Ballet" with the world stars of the first size - here an incomplete summary of festival movement of "Imperial Russian Ballet" collective.
Premieres of classical productions of last years constitute a gold fund of a ballet art - "Romeo and Juliet" Sergey Prokofev, "Swan lake", "Nutcracker", "The Sleeping Beauty" P.Tchaikovsky, "Carmen" G.Bizet-R.Shchedrin, "Walpurgis night" C.Gounod, "Bolero" M.Ravel, "Polovetskie plyaski" from opera "Prince Igor" A.Borodina, "Sheherazade" N.Rimsky-Korsakov, Stage cantata "Carmina Burana" C.Orff .
"Imperial Russian Ballet" is a unity and an integrity of Russian ballet school, which traditions pass from generation to generation, they are beyond of time and space, take in as the Utter Creative Empire.

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