Gabriel Mirabassi

Gabriel Mirabassi - one of the most significant clarinetists of the present time on the international level. He is also one of those unique musicians, who do not cease to amaze with every new project.

G. Mirabassi is not only an inventive arrangist and virtuoso performer, but also an artistically spirited Italian. His virtuosity is not cold and methodical, but very passionate and expressive. When appearing on stage, his entire body pulsates from the music: dancing, swinging, jumping, and standing on one foot. His entire body gesticulates, while his hands are occupied with the clarinet.

Gabriel Mirabassi travels with his trio, this creative union exists for more than 20 years. Besides maestro himself trio includes: Paolo Alfonsi (guitar), Salvatore Mayore (double bass).

Due to the enormous experience of musicians in very different genres (classical, jazz and others) it is very difficult to place their music in a specific genre. Trio succeeds in creating music, inspired by the harmonious combination of elite musical genres of 20th century, rhythmical melodies of jazz and rich rhythmical palette of ethnic music.

The performance of Gabriel Mirabassi trio is a staggering synthesis of human and musical nature.

In 2008 a prestigious musical publication of Italy, “Musica Of jazz” awarded Gabriel Mirabassi for his album “Top Of Jazz” award.

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