Quintetto Bislacco

Founded a few years ago on the initiative of five musicians rather bored by the usual daily routine. This ensemble decided to fight against the cold indifference which rules over many concert halls.

Audience right from the beginning have shown their appreciation for the performances of these  five unique musicians. The quintet program ranges from New Age to refined classical genre and then merging into Afro Tribal Jazz and further on to Neuro Swing.

Musical program  insures  variety, that can satisfy any listener. Mystical musical communion makes every concert a unique event.


QUINTETTO BISLACCO  succeeds  in achieving musical culminations, harmonic variations and cacophonic riffs . This music cannot fail to amuse old and young.

Therefore our motto is “ “YOUR MONEY BACK if you are not SATISFIED!!!!”

Official website - http://www.quintettobislacco.com/

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