Russian national concert agency Diatonica

 Russian national concert agency Diatonica  was founded in 2007. During this time we have organized a number of wonderful and successful concerts in Russia and abroad. Nature of our work is to organize as well as manage performers of classical and jazz genre.

 Many of our musicians we represent for the first time in Russia. Usually these are the performers who have achieved fame and recognition in Europe and United States, but very little known in our country. The main criteria’s for musicians to go on tour in Russia are:

 Unique musical value of each composer, performer and ensemble as a group. Unique phenomenon on a world musical stage;

High level of professionalism and skills as a performer.

We believe, that by achieving the following criteria’s, we will broaden our concert activity as one of the major components in cultural life of the majority of modern people:

We want to introduce talented, world-class musicians to the Russian audience and give them a chance to get acquainted with each of our new extraordinary performers.

On the other hand, original craftsmanship and unique abilities of our young Russian musicians are worthy to be heard and understood abroad as well, and we try to assist this collaboration in every possible way;

  • It is also very important to make the activity of our agency socially useful. We organize charitable projects and try to familiarize a number of people who care, with the sharpest internal problems of our society. Diatonica  is always open for discussion of any interesting projects: tours for Russian and foreign performers, new interesting musical ideas and their realization.
  • We try to support and strengthen interest of Russian listeners in original and quality music. We want work on new professional projects and satisfy all the needs of Russian listeners growing every year.
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